Meet Monica…the Artist behind the Lens

Meet Monica…the Artist behind the Lens


 HELLO AND WELCOME to Monica Stanley Photography! I appreciate you stopping by to learn a little bit more about me, and my hope is, more than anything, that you will enjoy what you see! 


I am passionate about a lot of things in my life, but at the top of that list is my faith, my family and photography. I thank God every day…I feel so blessed to love what I do and to be able to do what I love! My husband is my best friend and my biggest fan…he encourages me, supports me and keeps me laughing even when things seem crazy. I have three beautiful children and they truly are my greatest joy in life!

Watching my children grow up so quickly is just one of the reasons I am so happy to share what I love with you! Once a moment has past, it is gone forever! It is through photography that you can freeze a moment in time and the pictures become that which reminds us and allows us to savor those special memories, and also keep close those who are so dear to us!


My most treasured photograph is one which hangs in my dining room, the place we spend time in every day. It is a picture of my mother. She was the one who bought me my first camera and who saw a love and talent for photography in me. The quote above her picture reads: Beauty and Grace…to live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die. I believe, if you do what is in your heart, you will be more alive than ever, and God wants you to share your passion, talent and gifts with the world around you. That is my hope in having the opportunity to work with you! In her loving memory.

MEET MY FAMILY…These are the 4 people who support me, encourage me, inspire me and love me! I am beyond blessed 🙂